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Arte Nova Jewellery was born in 2019, however its history began much earlier, through the hands of a visionary goldsmith machine manufacturer, which in 1956 adventured himself to start what is now one of the leading companies on the design and production of gold and silver jewellery in Portugal. Today, already on its third generation, the company still continues with the bigger legacy left by its founder – his innovation, creativity and dynamism, whilst keeping the same traditions and production processes, but most of all, always keeping the same passion for the goldsmith art. All our jewellery is created and developed like art pieces, focusing on design, extreme rigor on quality and always keeping the same excellence of over 60 years of production.

Who uses Arte Nova Jewellery?

Women who choose Arte Nova Jewellery recognize true Portuguese craftsmanship, even when it takes on an unconventional form. They understand that we combine respect for the product, ancient techniques, and the region with contemporary design and today’s reality. Tradition and today’s message, united in Arte Nova, create the timelessness we seek for our jewelry. This fusion makes each piece a unique and unrepeatable act of art. And the people who seek us out know and embody that as well.

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